closure wig ,lace front wig, and 360 wig, What’s the difference ?

wig cap
wig cap design

Lace wig is the made with lace design ,according to cap size ,it can be classified as :

Closure Wig

is made with 4*4″ closure or 5*5″ , 6*6″ size closure with hair .This texture have straight , body wave and curly.

closure wig

Closure wigs have emerged as a game changer in the world of hair extensions and wigs, allowing individuals to enhance their hairstyle seamlessly and naturally. In this comprehensive guide we’ll cover everything you need to know about closure wigs, from understanding their types to choosing the right one for you and style tips as well. Let’s unlock the beauty secrets of closure wigs together.

What Are Closure Wigs?

Closure wigs are a type of hairpiece engineered to provide an undetectable natural finish at the hair-front Unlike conventional wigs, which may reveal your real hairline and require blending techniques to try and cover it up, closure wig styles come with a premade closure that replicates the scalp. These closures are typically made of lace, silk, or clear material with hair individually hand-knotted into them. The overall effect: a perfectly consistent look that blends seamlessly into your own hairline -joining illusion along every seam gives the impression you are looking my-way parallel to where everything grows from your head down and back out at towards itself. Types of Closure Wigs

There’s a number of types of closure wigs to choose from. Each one aims to solve different issues and presents a unique look and feel alike. Common types include lace closures, silk closures, and nymph closures.

Lace Closure: Lace closure wigs are a popular choice for their versatility and natural appearance. The sheer lace fabric looks much like the scalp, fusing seamlessly with your real hairline.

Silk Closure: Silk closure wigs are hairpieces made of a thin layer silk material and hair is tied onto it The result is that the hair strands have a stable location to sit in, which means: less shedding and an extra-long lasting wig.

Transparent Closure: Transparent closure wigs come with a thin, transparent material that is quite compatible with the skin tone of the wearer. They are designed to be seen-through and offer your scalp a more tailored form without additional customizations. This makes it an ideal solution!No extra labor is needed to improve the closure before installation on a wig; all it needs is some minor cutting for a perfect fit on your natural hair and then mixing baby hairs into the bulk of the cover so that they appear invisible or will fit flawlessly on top where it won’t be seen. The effect is what matters most.Comfortable wear: Closure wigs are light and breathable, so you can wear one for a whole day without feeling like you have anything on your head at all. They’re also made from human hair which makes them softer than many synthetic options out there now on the market.Closure Wigs: Why You Need One

Here are some of the most important reasons to pick a closure wig:

Natural look: A closure wig appears totally natural as the hairline is closed naturally and seems as if it is hair that grows straight from your head.

Variety of styles: Because the closure on a wig can be customized to suit many different styles,girls have their choice of what style they want for their hair.

Comfortable fit: Closure wigs are light and breathable, making for a super comfortable fit for all-day wear.

How to Select the Ideal Closure Wig for You

When you’re thinking about purchasing a closure wig, there are lots of things to consider. What’s your natural hair texture like? What color tone is best on your complexion? Do you have some preference in hairstyles? And yes, despite price being an important factor as always, we must not forget to think best for our needs when picking the type of closure (lace, silk or transparent).It may be the most important step to fitting a closure wig correctly. Taking care of these details will ensure the installation is seamless and secure. Simply follow these steps for beautiful, unnoticeable results.You need to make flat your hair where it exhibits through the closure wig using cornrowing or braiding as a base. After that you can put the closure wig into place using wig clips or adhesive. You will want to adjust its position so as to get a natural look and get rid of any sense of tightness. Use some styling to enhance its effect when desired: for example baby hairs or edge control will allow you to create a seamless look that fades the transition from wig hair to your own.

Closure Wig Maintenance and Care Tips

To keep your lace wig from losing its natural texture, use these tips for maintenance and care:

Rinse the wig on a regular basis, preferably using mild shampoo or conditioner. If it becomes really dirty you can wash it in soap but make sure that it is free from bleach; this will damage the appearance and feel of the wig. If you leave your wig for an extended period untended, the first thing will happen is the shape begins to change. It is therefore important that when you’re not using or wearing it any time soon, store it on a stand specifically designed for wigs or mannequin head so as not to tangle up hairs within and contort from its original design.

To avoid breaking hair strands, try using a hairdryer with a cool setting.

Sleep With A Silk or Satin Scarf/ Bonnet

Closure wigs offer unlimited styling possibilities, and if perfect for those who love originality and enjoying trying new things. Each of the wigs can let you try everything from fashionable and gentle, to mature rather than manly.

Closure Wig VS Frontal Wig

Although the closure wig and the frontal wig are both able to produce natural- looking hairlines, there are many differences between them. Knowing these differences can help you make the best choice for yourself.

Closure wigs feature a closure at the front or crown of the wig that is smaller than that of frontal wigs, while frontals extend from ear to ear.

Closure wigs have a more natural appearance, while frontal wigs allow you more options for styling and customization. When should closure wigs be worn?

One of the advantages of wearing closure wigs is that they match your…Popular Closure Wig Hairstyles and Trends

From sleek bob cuts to voluminous curls, closure wigs can suit all forms of wearers. Take a look at the latest hairstyle trends and inspiration for closure wigs, in order not just to find but to design your best look!

Closure wigs are a convenient and flexible solution for attaining a natural look with low effort. Combining comfort, realistic appearance, and styling options, closure wigs have become an increasingly popular choice among people who want to enhance their beauty and confidence.

Closure wig have free part / middle part design.

Compared with other wigs ,closure wigs have these advantages

  • Its closure size is not huge as 13*4 or 360 degree ,so it cost less ,the price for it will be around 30~40$ less than same size lace frontal wig
  • Its closure position can be choosed ,most is middle part of wig ,also supply side part : the closure is made at side of the wig .looks very unique and cool.
  • Its density can be more ,150% or 180%, because wig cap have more space for hair to sew onto it.
  • Its use last time will be longer than frontal or 360 degree.
  • It is easy to remove and wear ,for people who always remove wig at night ,closure wig is a good choice.
  • Its material can be DIY , can choose 9A or 10A virgin hair.A better material will make the wig more silky ,use time longer.

lace front wig

This is a long time popular product with a lots of designs.

bob cut lace wig

Bob cut style

lace frontal wig

It is so beautiful and luxury that one perfect wig sometime can be sold around 300~500$ .

its texture have

  • straight
  • body wave
  • deep wave
  • kinky curly
  • water wavy
  • big curly

Its density have

  • 130%
  • 150%
  • 180% high density
  • more than 180% super high density ,very full

Its length can be 8~32″ ,price will increase when size go up.

Its have this advantages ,Compared with other type

  • Its has baby hair ,very natural hair line ,so wear on the head will looks really real and nice
  • Can wear with glue or tape ,to keep it very stable ,will not easily drop off.
  • Can custom-made with varied hair material : peruvian / Brazilian hair material.

360 wig

means have 360 degree closure which cover head.

360 straight lace wig
360 closure

Its made of 360 closure with hair weave which been sew onto the cap.

Its advantages is very big :

  • women can choose to hold all the hair to be a ponytail ,it still looks very natural ,because closure cover the 360 degree of the head.
  • with baby hair ,can be pre-plucked , looks as women own hair
  • Luxury and more beautiful
  • accept custom-made density and material
  • its cap is more soft and closure / frontal one .more breathable ,comfortable to wear.

Its material can choose :

  • brazilian hair material which sew onto the cap
  • peruvian Hair
  • Indian hair

Its density have 130%/ 150%/180% / more.


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