About 1B in hair color

Get to know 1B hair color: uniform and elegant

Hair is a key part of our appearance and 1B hair color is penetrated as a unique one. The brown uniform medium encompasses the whole head as 1B hair color has no dimension. This color appears by a rich dark brown with the interspersing of black nuances. The overall impact of 1B hair color is breathtaking as hair turns into an undiscernible and positive unity making an impression of well-cared and lush hair.

Color 1B

1B Next to Jet Black Color

This color is versatile and it is easier to perceive, unlike Jet Black, which is harsh and has less dimension. Jet black drives an intensity, however, it has no visible nuances and is a plain black color.
1B is more distinguished as it brings brown nuances and creates depths. Although it is softer, which makes it suitable for all, it has a richness that makes hair look rich and well-groomed. People, who want to get a darker color and do not feel comfortable with Jet Black, 1B is a nice option.

color jet black

1B Pluralism: for every skin tone

The characteristic and advantage of the 1B hair color is that it suits every skin color. Thanks to the brunette nuances, it is suitable for both cold and warm skin.

No skin tone, be it fair, medium, or dark, will debug with the natural hair color. The natural color of the hair is called the natural black. If to imply 1B hair color the natural blonde will not showcase the brown locations and brunette places. Instead, it will look even more natural due to the brown nuances. Natural black has not a unique effect as 1B has. In most cases, dark hair is yellow, however, it is not a dimension.

color natural black

Show the unique you

The 1B color is elegant, universal, and natural at the same time. You can make it different and improve non-likable colors, or emphasize the natural color on your way. No matter what you choose, always be brave in expressing your unique features and you will always look beautiful.

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