What are the different types of closure wigs?

Closures wigs – what are they?

A closure wig generally features a hairpiece, usually constructed from lace, silk, or both, which is sewed onto a cornrow base with its edges secured and laid gently around the perimeter. This type of wig has been extremely popular for its ability to give a highly realistic look by imitating a natural hairline and a scalp, which looks sleek and undetectable, no matter which hairstyle is chosen.

Types of closures wigs

5×5; 4×4; 2×6; 13×4; and 13×6 are the main types.

5×5 closure wigs are made from a larger piece of material, which, obviously, means a bigger area of a simulated scalp. It results in a much more natural look, which closer matches to the real, human scalp. This type will be suitable for somebody who prefers lots of volume in the hair or wider hairstyles.

With 4×4 closure wigs, the artificial scalp covers still a big enough area to look natural, but at the same time, requires slightly less maintenance. It will be a suitable option for a beginner, or somebody who does not want the extra material around the perimeter.

2×6 closure wigs’ characteristic is an elongated shape of a piece of material, made to be sewed into the wig. It serves the purpose of providing a more defined visibility of a wig part, which is especially beneficial if the wig is going to be worn in a hair part; this, in turn will add to the overall look of your wig being your hair. Look differences are presented in the pictures below: 5×5 closure wig in the first, 4×4 closure wig in the second, and 2×6 in the third.

Things to consider while choosing a wig and its proper installation

Generally, while choosing a wig, three things are considered: color of the lace to match with the scalp, the right size for the head, and the type of hair, which could be either human or synthetic. Finally, proper installation is always crucial for the satisfactory use of a wig. To ensure best results, it is advised to have a wig secured by a professional stylist. A wig should be washed gently and stored properly.

Wigsea.com’s Products, Services, and Advantages

Product overview. The most distinctive feature of Wigsea.com is an extensive range of closure wigs, both in sizes and style. These closure wigs are high-quality and have a natural appearance to make it suitable for everyone.

Service excellence. The company’s personalized consultations are one of the main features. They help clients choose a wig that best fits rather than the most expensive one as other companies do. Moreover, the service also concerns the care services since many clients may experience problems with wear after purchase.

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What is the difference between closures wigs and full lace wigs?

Closure wigs only cover part of the hair, while full lace wigs cover the entire head. The main difference is that the closure wig only has enough lace in the front to make it appear that it is part of it naturally. The full lace wig has lace throughout the hair, so it is versatile to choose how to style it.

What to look for when choosing a closure wig?

Options, such as the type of closure, the size of the lace, and the hair quality, should be compatible with how you plan to style and how much maintenance you will be ready to take.

How do I ensure it will look natural on me?

Closed wigs are characterized by a more concrete look compared to lace wigs, but you should still select the lace color that fits your skin and also properly aligns it with the natural hairline.

What should I not do to maintain the closure wig?

First of all, wash with sulfate-free products, secure your fragile edges, and do not allow so much abuse on your closure because it will not last over time. Also remember to retain the form on the wig rack.

As you can see, closure wigs are a perfect decision for everyone who wants to have a wig that looks natural and is easy to manage. With the help of the detailed information from Wigsea.com, you have all the possibilities to make an informed decision based on your personal aesthetic considerations and other needs. Please, use my guide to understand the differences between such types of wigs and make the best decision that will help you to create a perfect look.

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