How to Pay to a China Lace Wigs Shop via Western Union

Understanding Western Union What is it, and why use it?

The Western Union is a global payment service designed for international money transfer. People use it as both a payment and a receipt system. First and foremost, it is very reliable, and almost everyone today has access to Western Union, which is essential, considering that nearly all its customers are based abroad. In addition, Western Union payments are made almost instantly, which is critical for doing business on an international level. On most occasions, transactions are completed within minutes, and you can access your funds practically immediately.

How to set up an account?

There are two main ways to do it:

* Online, using your mobile device, or computer by visiting Western Union’s page or downloading the app.

* In person, at an authorized service point. The process involves providing proof of your identity and meeting a few standard security requirements. Not unlike opening a regular bank account.

What information and documents do you need?

An individual’s identity verification forms the primary purpose of setting up a Western Union account. Consequently, all you need for that initial step is your full name and address and a national identity card. Sometimes, the process might further require proof of address. Everything else you need is most likely already known to you since the cheque or any other document is being transferred from your possession.

How do I find the closest location?

There is more than one way to do it:

* On the web or the app: Both Western Union’s website and the app contain a “location” section, which will automatically show all nearest service points after getting permission to locate you.

* Customer support: If contacting one, the operator will be able to direct you to the closest service point.

Confirm the Transaction Guidelines:

Before completing the western union transaction, you should double-check all the details, especially the recipient’s name and location. It is important because afterwards it would be rather complicated or even impossible to resend the money.

Recipient Information Confirmation At this stage, download any photo of the lace wigs from the as well as vendor’s website, copy the provided data about the contact person, and follow the steps to verify all this information.

Security Tips Pay your attention to the order of the name when you fill out the procedure with the western union. In Chinese people usually mention the family first, and then goes the name. If you fill in the form with other sequence, your payment will not be accepted. In addition, be very attentive towards deals that you will not solicit or before notice. Always apply safe payments on websites and avoid publishing any information about your transaction details.


How long does it take to transfer the money through WU?

Any transactions made through the western union are very fast. In fact, by using this system, you transfer the money immediately; the only things to remember is the working schedule of the office, where the recipient is able to receive your payment. When you come to make the order, just ask you bank to fill out receipt for you and send the payment photo to supplier in China and get a payment confirm.

What if the money was not received?

In the case you suspect that your money was not received by the recipient, immediately call western union and report them any details of your transaction. The more information you provide, the faster the problem will be solved.

Please not worry , money will not disappear, it will return back to your account in your side if China supplier can not receive smoothly.

How can you verify whether the money was sent or not?

According to, the company provides every client with a money transfer control number that can be used by the sender to keep track of the transaction. To check, you should call the customer service and provide them with this number. Paying to a Chinese lace wigs shop via Western Union is a perfectly simple and secure payment method, provided you know how. However, you will have to make sure that the recipient details are correct and be aware of the cost of the transfer to manage your payments efficiently and enjoy international trade with China.

Western Union

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